Nicki Mianj Bikini Pictures for V-Day

Nicki gives us a little V-Day love, and new meaning to drop down a get our eagle on, when she Instagramed this last night. Enjoy responsibly :)

Nicki-Minaj-Bikini-Valentines-Day-3 edit

“Wish u were here,” she initially wrote, tweeting a poolside photo, before adding. “Bikini pic up next. who’s ready?

And boy were her fans ready. “Happy #VagDay boyz… #JerkResponsibly #prettygangmakenoise #freaksoniTunes” she wrote sharing the below pics. Fans were, er, excited by the images and she spent some time retweeting their reactions and encouraging them to participate. “ok boyz&barbz…show me wutchoo got! post ya pic now! i wanna give away some vagday cash to the sexiest #dude and #barb GO!!! LMAOOOOOO. MUST BE 18&OVER TO APPLY.

See uncensored pics below



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