Beautie And The Beat X Beyonce And Jay Z’s On The Run Tour

editThis weekend history was witnessed!!!!! I had a chance to catch by far one of the biggest shows of the year aka: Jay Z and Beyonce’s “On The Run Tour,” at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Beyonce slayed the show as we all knew she would! And regardless of all the divorce rumor’s the power couple looks so happy! I know they’re performers, buy they’re also human and to get on stage and share home videos of them and Blue as they kiss and hug, it’s just to real to be fake!

I watched the show from the VIP Floor section, which was an experience in itself! What’s the closest you can get to Beyonce with out actually being next to her?? Well, how about watching the show next to Beyonce’s MOM, Kelly and Michelle!! That happened!! Also David Beckham, Kevin Durant and Chris Paul (who spilled my $7 Lemonade all over my shoes but I won’t talk about that) were in our section!

Over all it was a incredible night with the team! Drinks Bottles of D’usse where flowing and the rain was pouring down on us to add this extra element of excitement that I can’t put into words!! #BestNightOfMyLife

Continue reading to see pics of my night!

10463048_825382700840414_1762694345784288922_n 10547479_825260750852609_4282614818227850777_n 10553506_825260710852613_8010641958378101434_n 10553527_825260900852594_7032269152289687556_n 10561838_825260867519264_728503872753522143_n 10568985_825260834185934_7092946105612833092_n 10569039_825260937519257_7417023155779531262_n 1654421_825260734185944_4610423722749735183_n 1907403_825260950852589_3680931548373177971_n10526075_825260790852605_3483208768227061620_n10583847_825260774185940_43145431824928873_n

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